SciaticaIndividuals who experience sciatic symptoms are no stranger to discomfort. Sciatica refers to a collection of symptoms pertaining to nerves in the lumbosacral spine that encompass the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest and most prominent in the human body, as it runs from the sacrum in the lumbar region of the lower back all the way down into the thigh. It is because of its prominence that it has such a bad reputation of causing so many different types of ailments in individuals of all ages, lifestyles, and activity levels.

What are the main symptoms that make up sciatica?

  • Pain in the buttocks or upper leg that is improved with body elongation, standing, or walking.
  • A tingling or numbness in the leg, buttock, or foot.
  • Uncomfortable burning sensation in the leg, buttock, or foot.
  • Weakness or inability to comfortably move the leg or foot.
  • An unending pain or pinched feeling in one buttock or the other.
  • Difficulty moving between sitting and standing.
  • Strain when sitting.
  • Extreme difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position due to pain.

Any individual who is experiencing a combination of these symptoms can refer to their symptoms as sciatica. Sciatica is not a diagnosis, but indicating to a specialist that you have sciatic symptoms may help him or her determine a diagnosis for you.