ManagementThere are countless ways to fight against the uncomfortable, sometimes debilitating wrath of sciatica. Some advice is sound, such as drinking plenty of water, resting enough, and avoiding heavy lifting, while other advice might be more uninformed. There are many interventions for sciatica, including injections, narcotics, and surgery, which offer risks along with their rewards. However, there are also three major management avenues that, if used independently or in combination, have shown improvements in sciatica sufferers without invasive medical treatment.

1. Yoga. Yoga is an exercise regimen that allows for maximum modification and consideration for one’s alignment and safety. Where many aerobics classes at your local gym may leave you wondering if you are sore from pulling a muscle, yoga instructors are trained to ensure that injuries and conditions are monitored and rehabilitated. While a yoga instructor is not a medical doctor, he or she is trained in proper bodily alignment. Taking a gentle yoga class can ensure proper all-over awareness to alleviate many sciatic symptoms.

2. Temperature Stimulation. Heat and ice are two very powerful ways to manipulate your own muscles and seek subsequent relief.

3. Spine Decompression Therapy. In the throes of sciatica, decompression therapy is an effective manual treatment by a physical therapist that combines proven traction methodology with localized stimulation for optimal relief.