MedicationNarcotic medications have enormous benefits for pain sufferers. Immediate and time-releasing pain relief is of extreme value to those who battle chronic pain, as it often gives them a chance to more comfortably complete life’s daily tasks or achieve greater mobility. However, there are many disadvantages to narcotic medication, including their side effects, toleration to eventual immunity, and the risk of dependency. These risks are sometimes more than what the reward is worth, especially in cases where a patient needs to up their dose continually to stay ahead of the immunity from pain. Doctors are cautious when it comes to increasing pain medication doses, because habituation and consequential dependency is a major concern.

Many patients stick with medication, because they do not want to upgrade to more invasive treatment methods such as injections or surgery. But there are other options. Patients tired of taking pills are considering yoga, acupuncture, physical therapy, manual therapy, and decompression therapy and finding tremendous success.

Before stopping any prescription medication or changing dosage, it is imperative to consult with your prescribing doctor. Further, the above methodologies can be introduced while medications are still being taken or weaned to make a healthy transition with minimal withdrawal.