SurgeryMost sciatica patients are able to manage and control their pain and other symptoms through medication, therapies, exercise, and epidural injections. Some patients, however, find that none of these are enough relief for their severe symptoms. In this case, specialists may recommend surgery. Surgery is often recommended for those patients who may have a higher proclivity toward medication dependency, or who are in some way ineligible for noninvasive therapies such as spine decompression. There are two major surgeries which are proven to help eradicate sciatic symptoms. It is important for anyone considering surgery to know these options.

Laminectomy: Also called open decompression, a laminectomy is the more invasive of the two surgery types and is elective. Only when a sciatica sufferer has exhausted every other treatment option should a laminectomy be considered. The process is delicate, as a vertebral bone portion is removed for pressure relief upon the nerves and/or spinal cord.

Microdiscectomy: Also called microdecompression, this procedure is less invasive than its counterpart option. A laser or other instrument is used to remove tiny portions of the vertebral disc under the nerve and also the bone directly on the nerve.

For more information and advisement in making such an important decision, consult with a specialist.