Recently, the Illinois Chapter hosted their first open house at Prairie Spine and Pain Institute. Dr. Richard Kube and Colleen Ingraham are the founding members of the first Illinois Chapter and were pleased with the inaugural event.

The open house, while the concept is very new to professionals, saw great response and engagement. The attendees represented a wide range from the healthcare field, employers, christian share groups, providers, TPA’s, brokers & patients.

There are many levels of awareness of for this concept of cash paying and they all learned a lot about this new model.

This is a non-profit organization, no cost to attendees, nothing being sold and no founders or members have any financial gain from the outcome. It is primarily a group of experienced professionals in the healthcare industry where we all collaborate in a different way to engage our patients and provide care that simplifies the patient experience in a transparent and affordable way.

The event had a great take away that shared knowledge and planted seeds on this model and how others can benefit from this program. The Illinois chapter was really pleased along with the attendees from the first event, leaving everyone wanting to come back for more.