Surgery for Sciatica? Know the Facts Before Going Under

Most sciatica patients are able to manage and control their pain and other symptoms through medication, therapies, exercise, and epidural injections. Some patients, however, find that none of these are enough relief for their severe symptoms. In this case, specialists may recommend surgery. Surgery is often recommended for those patients who may have a […]

Doctor-Recommended Exercises for Sciatica Sufferers

Abdominal/Core Exercises: Most back pain can be remediated somewhat by strengthening the core. Stability in the middle of the torso and through the hips can allow the back muscles to do less work, which puts less pressure on the spinal bones and joints.

Hamstring Exercises: Hamstrings account for a very large portion of the leg. […]

The Big Three in Noninvasive Sciatica Management

There are countless ways to fight against the uncomfortable, sometimes debilitating wrath of sciatica. Some advice is sound, such as drinking plenty of water, resting enough, and avoiding heavy lifting, while other advice might be more uninformed. There are many interventions for sciatica, including injections, narcotics, and surgery, which offer risks along with their […]

Living with Sciatica? Consider Your Options

Sciatica is a category of pain and numbness associated with many spinal conditions. It is remedied as a standalone condition in patients of all (primarily adult) ages. There are many ways to help alleviate sciatic pain, numbness, weakness, and immobility, including the following:

Pain medications: Over the counter and prescription medications are both options for […]

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